Live Microgreens

Live Microgreens



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You will probably remember encountering sprouts for the first time during your 6th grade, the fun activities that you did to germinate those little moong beans and your teacher insisting that they were healthy. Did you actually know that they were much more than that? and can save your body from so many potential diseases. Sprouts are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, folate, magnesium phosphorous and vitamin K than fully grown counterparts. They also contain polyphenols, which improve heart health and reduce risk of numerous chronic diseases. While sprouts provide us with loads of nutrition benefit, depending on their variety they also serve a treat to your tastebuds. They are a magnificent addition to your meal and can be taken all year around.

Edible Flowers

We are accustomed to seeing flowers as a part of decoration, but did we know that we can add many of them to our plates to add a pop of colour and texture. Many edible flowers can actually serve a bunch of health benefits and can support your system. Containing potent anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds, edible flowers are used in multifarious cuisines all around the globe. Not all flowers can be consumed but those that can add burst flavour and exquisite visual appeal to your meal. Regardless of your culinary skills you can add them to your salads, sauces, beverages and jams.

It is best to harvest microgreens as needed. You need to consume it on the same the day harvested to relish every vitamin, mineral & nutrient. That is why we NUTRIGAMY as a brand bring to the table live & fresh baby plants, harvest them to your convenience and enjoy every ounce of it. We have specially handpicked these varieties to offer a wide range of health benefits without compromising on exquisite flavours and visual appeal. Microgreens are a great option to consider if you are looking out for “that” healthy meal which is balanced and packed with all the goodness. Boost your nutrient intake in the most appetizing and flavourful way. The quality of the microgreens is directly dependent quality of seeds sown. We source are seeds directly from our most trusted partners to ensure that we bring the best edible young greens to your plate. These live greens are maintained under a slight warm humid environment free of contamination from harmful bacteria in sanitary growing conditions.