Microgreens healthier than vegetables?

It has been said that microgreens, which are little versions of leafy vegetables and herbs, are healthier than larger greens. Do microgreens truly have more nutrients than traditional plants? Are there any further advantages? Do they merit the increased hype?

Microgreens are slender baby plants that are cultivated with 7 – 21 days of germination. They crunchy, appetizing, delicious and not mention they are packed with wholesome nutrients & minerals.  Microgreens should not be confused with beansprouts or alfalfa, which are small seedlings that are typically grown in water and eaten intact within a few days.

The majority of microgreens were initially raised for use by chefs in restaurants. Basil, coriander, chard, beetroot, and red garnet amaranth were once utilised as garnishes and flavour enhancers in miniature form. Since then, the scope of their appeal has grown. Even ready-to-grow pots are available for purchase.

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